Resthaven Cemetery

In 1960, Congress authorized the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct a dam on Laurel River.  Construction began in December of 1964. One of the requirements before the lake could be impounded was to relocate several family cemeteries.

I discovered this while searching for the graves of my maternal Great-Great-Grandparents, Matt and Frances Whitman Carr who had lived along the banks of Laurel River.

The following information was just taken from a field survey once we located the cemetery. These are in no particular order. I also had no idea there were several cemeteries relocated here. These are simply the stones that were visible when I first found the cemetery.

Lucinda Sizemore Delph 1853 – 1941 “Gone but not forgotten”

Aluminum Vankirk Funeral Home Marker with no name 1920 – 1988

Josh Edward Delph 1854 – 1931 “Gone but not forgotten”

Mary Irvin Delph Died 1911 “Gone but not forgotten”

Harvey Edward Delph No dates “Gone but not forgotten”

Litha Delph Cook Feb. 21, 1887 – Oct 8, 1961

Ollie Harrell Daughter of J. E. Delph Born March 20, 1884 Died July 25, 1905

Concrete marker marked “Cem 7 grave 19”

Concrete marker with no information.

Benn J. Rogers June 2, 1908 May 15, 1910 I could not read inscription

John G. Rogers August 1852 December 1919

Lucy H. Rogers Oct 1862 June 1929  One stone for John and Lucy

Elmer B. Rogers Dec. 7, 1882 Dec. 16, 1925 Cooper Lodge No. 668 Stone has Masonic Emblem. “Dearest husband thou has left us, here, they loss (could not read rest of inscription)

Martha J. Renner Born March 20, 1867 Died Sept 26, 1909 (Also footstone “M.J.R.”)

Evan A. Rogers June 10, 1918 Oct 28, 1918 “A little bud of love to bloom with God above”

Jesse Solomon Litteral Oct 20, 1898 July 25, 1926

J. R. Litteral Mar 16, 1891 Apr 5, 1916 “Blessed for the pure in heart for they shall see God”

L. A. Litteral May 13, 1885 July 22, 1911 ‘Thy memory shall ever be a shining star to heaven”

James Franklin Morgan Son of Jessee and Rebecca Morgan May 15, 1873 Apr 17, 1938 “Here I lay my burden down, change the cross into a crown”

G. W. Whitman June 22, 1861 August 22, 1932 “Father”

Christine Morgan Born Jan 1, 1869 August 7, 1908 ?  Stone is broken.  Dates possible incorrect.

Mary Woods Wife of P. O. Woods Jan 9, 1889 Oct 21, 1910

Sergeant Samuel G. Steele Co. F 7 KY Inf. “No dates on stone”

Rich D. Rogers Co. F 7th Ky Inf.

The photos in the gallery illustrate the initial appearance of this grave relocation when we located it adjacent to Resthaven Cemetery located in Corbin, Whitley County, Kentucky. The second gallery is after some cleanup.